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Welcome to my ZW3B Page or direction my blog ;)

I will try to write a few words about me here: I would start with this one: InYourLiFe: /: D almost ^^
My name is O livier Romain Luc Jaillet-ramey alias ORJ aka Kss * , K=S==> , Kss0ss , Kss0 * S, Kss.OPerating.System, Kss.BonBon, Kss.CouiLL3, Kss.CrouT3 and many others :) even more gore!

Taken with passion by this means of sharing knowledge and knowledge , the Internet, the Web allowed me to learn what today I try in my turn to transmit.
This "tool" also allowed me, yesterday and today to earn my living ... InterNet is much better than a library , never closed, always Open ^^, accessible in multi-languages , thanks to us, millions of Internet users who give every day to others our knowledge and our know-how. Thanks Tim Berners-Lee :) already.

For my entertainment on the computer, I only play : Half-Life in multi-player mode Counter-Strike (with and against ^^ de real men) for ... a few years in a style that is approaching a fortnight :) outch! Thanks to Minh Le and Jess Cliffe for this first beta created in the nineteen hundred and 99s. We were playing on PSTN at the time, c 'was fluid anyway, if you think about it - 350 ping (but) with 60 FPS constent;) (no constant scans like de nowadays) HL multiplayer mode was a mess, TFC < / acronym> it was good too;) Finally ... a real time :) ... from LANs (Local Area Network), Counter-Strike weekend organization with Taktile (Start-Up) which launches Games-Fed, Linux mattresses and servers on the platform!

Developer, Architect of servers and sites ZW3B. ( EU | FR | TV | NET | SITE | BLOG) and graphic designer at my spare time for, as I like to say, my "personal community" site / network; On this one, it would be necessary (style), a user interface called "blog". And the site will be ready to welcome thousands and thousands of people from all walks of life to make it an Internationally Community site :)

As a developer, I am always trying to imagine the best for others and for myself (let's be okay ^^ (we are lazy us developers; crontab PHP, Bots ..)). You still have to work ... for yourself ... (already (to have the smile: D), also (to share it :)) and above all (so that tomorrow is better; p)) and time costs dear .. let's agree again: s

Do not hesitate to take a look at the sections of the ZW3B portal (where I can write in ZW3B with and under the name of the site in addition to my nickname LAB3W.ORJ (LAB3W O.Romain.Jaillet-ramey) and my micro-entreprise LAB3W ).

I write papers with my nickname LAB3W.ORJ more particularly documents on comment-faire (how'to) from développement" target="_blank" class="ahref brut">http://howto.zw3b.fr/developpement/">développement Web , from GNU / Linux where we often need more help. Tutorials Apple , Windows , Free and other sections / links WiFi are also there to help us :)

Good at work; I recently added links to different jobs in LA Vie - Activ'Emploi;) ...: D K'ss ALL :)

Thanks for the visit, O. Romain Jaillet-ramey alias ORJ .

2011-2023 © ZW3B :-: The Web network, Computer documentations on the Art of systems, networks and InterNet solutions.

ZW3B.EU is the web portal Europa platform .

ZW3B.FR is the portal interface of the platform sites Web.

ZW3B.Net is the search interface of the platform of websites.

HOWTO.ZW3B.FR is the address of computer documentation that I run on the Internet.

RADIO.ZW3B.FR is simply (for now) a page which displays radio stream information .

FLOWS.ZW3B.FR is the streaming streams page ( audio and webcam).

VIDEOS.ZW3B.Net are videos by buddies , buddies g33ks :D

ZW3B.TV is a site ... The Web TV ; Come to think of it;) Countless videos;)

ZW3B.Site is the ZW3B presentation interface for Web services management.

ZW3B.Site is the O.Romain Jaillet-ramey presentation .

IPV6.ZW3B.Net references the sites Web with their dual-stack IPv4 / v6 services.

DEV.ZW3B.Net is the interface for representation ; which should I update;)

ADMIN.LAB3W.FR is the Administration interface of IT services and website management.

SWAN.LAB3W.FR : Secure Wide Area Networks xLayer 2 Tunneling Protocol Access Concentrator IP (v4 / v6)

SVN.ZW3B.FR is the Service of VersionNing ZW3B ; I commit from time to time;) Then I update for the ZW3B.Sites WWW.SVN.ZW3B. EN , HOWTO.SVN.ZW3B.FR ;)

VALDEBLORE.ZW3B.FR is an unofficial site of the municipality of Valdeblore .

MAILING.ZW3B.FR is the service of E-Mailings ZW3B : Newsletters platform.

GOOGLE.ZW3B.Net is the site of internal google search to ZW3B domains and partners and global search Youtube , ++;)

VTC.ZW3B.FR is the site of the company < strong> Prince Compagny VTC: Cars with private driver in the Île-de-France, its suburbs, Paris in Berline and Van 7 people.

IPv10.Net : Internet Protocol version 10 is the accessibility between the 2 IP networks today: IPv4 and IPv6 .

Other Web Addresses I take care of :

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