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Welcome to my ZW3B Page or direction my blog ;)

I will try to write a few words about me here: I would start with this one: InYourLiFe: /: D almost ^^
My name is O livier Romain Luc Jaillet -ramey alias ORJ aka Kss * , K=S==> , Kss0ss , Kss0 * S, Kss.OPerating.System, Kss.BonBon, Kss.CouiLL3, Kss.CrouT3 and many others :) even more gore!

Taken with passion by this means of sharing knowledge and knowledge , the Internet, the Web allowed me to learn what today I try in my turn to transmit.
This "tool" also allowed me, yesterday and today to earn my living ... InterNet is much better than a library , never closed, always Open ^^, accessible in multi-languages , thanks to us, millions of Internet users who give every day to others our knowledge and our know-how. Thanks Tim Berners-Lee :) already.

For my entertainment on the computer, I only play : Half-Life in multi-player mode Counter-Strike (with and against ^^ de real men) for ... a few years in a style that is approaching a fortnight :) outch! Thanks to Minh Le and Jess Cliffe for this first beta created in the nineteen hundred and 99s. We were playing on PSTN at the time, c 'was fluid anyway, if you think about it - 350 ping (but) with 60 FPS constent;) (no constant scans like de nowadays) HL multiplayer mode was a mess, TFC < / acronym> it was good too;) Finally ... a real time :) ... from LANs (Local Area Network), Counter-Strike weekend organization with Taktile (Start-Up) which launches Games-Fed, Linux mattresses and servers on the platform!

Developer, Architect of servers and sites ZW3B. ( FR | TV | NET | SITE | BLOG) and graphic designer at my spare time for, as I like to say, my "personal community" site / network; On this one, it would be necessary (style), a user interface called "blog". And the site will be ready to welcome thousands and thousands of people from all walks of life to make it an Internationally Community site :)

As a developer, I am always trying to imagine the best for others and for myself (let's be okay ^^ (we are lazy us developers; crontab PHP, Bots ..)). You still have to work ... for yourself ... (already (to have the smile: D), also (to share it :)) and above all (so that tomorrow is better; p)) and time costs dear .. let's agree again: s

Do not hesitate to take a look at the sections of the ZW3B portal (where I can write in ZW3B with and under the name of the site in addition to my nickname LAB3W.ORJ (LAB3W O.Romain.Jaillet-ramey) and my micro-entreprise LAB3W ).

I write papers with my nickname LAB3W.ORJ more particularly documents on comment-faire (how'to) from développement Web , from GNU / Linux where we often need more help. Tutorials Apple , Windows , Free and other sections / links WiFi are also there to help us :)

Good at work; I recently added links to different jobs in LA Vie - Activ'Emploi;) ...: D K'ss ALL :)

Thanks for the visit, O. Romain Jaillet-ramey alias ORJ.

2011-2022 © ZW3B :-: The Web network, Computer documentations on the Art of systems, networks and InterNet solutions.

ZW3B.FR is the portal interface of the platform sites Web.

ZW3B.Net is the search interface of the platform of websites.

HOWTO.ZW3B.FR is the address of computer documentation that I run on the Internet.

RADIO.ZW3B.FR is simply (for now) a page which displays radio stream information .

FLOWS.ZW3B.FR is the streaming streams page ( audio and webcam).

VIDEOS.ZW3B.Net are videos by buddies , buddies g33ks :D

ZW3B.TV is a site ... The Web TV ; Come to think of it;) Countless videos;)

ZW3B.Site is the ZW3B presentation interface for Web services management.

ZW3B.Site is the O.Romain Jaillet-ramey presentation .

IPV6.ZW3B.Net references the sites Web with their dual-stack IPv4 / v6 services.

DEV.ZW3B.Net is the interface for representation ; which should I update;)

ADMIN.LAB3W.FR is the Administration interface of IT services and website management.

SWAN.LAB3W.FR: Secure Wide Area Networks xLayer 2 Tunneling Protocol Access Concentrator IP (v4 / v6)

SVN.ZW3B.FR is the Service of VersionNing ZW3B ; I commit from time to time;) Then I update for the ZW3B.Sites WWW.SVN.ZW3B. EN , HOWTO.SVN.ZW3B.FR ;)

VALDEBLORE.ZW3B.FR is an unofficial site of the municipality of Valdeblore .

MAILING.ZW3B.FR is the service of E-Mailings ZW3B : Newsletters platform.

GOOGLE.ZW3B.Net is the site of internal google search to ZW3B domains and partners and global search Youtube , ++;)

VTC.ZW3B.FR is the site of the company < strong> Prince Compagny VTC: Cars with private driver in the Île-de-France, its suburbs, Paris in Berline and Van 7 people.

IPv10.Net : Internet Protocol version 10 is the accessibility between the 2 IP networks today: IPv4 and IPv6 .

Other Web Addresses I take care of :

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ZW3B.FR - FaceBook : Community page.

Links to other websites :

XXI century - New Age ;)

2019 december - Moving LAB3W (SIREN : 448854893 - SIRET (Siège) : 448854893 00022) : FRANCE, 06420 Valdeblore Saint-Dalmas - Rue La Madone - Collet des Fourches : La Grange Brûlée.

Two miles 1, 2, 3 .. Adaptation phase ;p

2003 - Opening of my micro-enterprise on May 6 - SIREN ( RCS ): 448854893 (LAB3W: Jaillet Olivier Romain Luc) - (LAB3W: FR, 92120, Montrouge, 47 avenue Aristide Briand).
My First Web Project concrete, a CMS of websites in the form from community 2003 ® wWwEBALL.com referenced (February 6, 2004: reference: ZB 19 203) in the register CNISF (National Council of Engineers and Scientists of France).

2001 - Arrival in Montrouge in the Hautes-Seine (92). Certification (HTML / PHP / SQL) of good web publications at ESCPI (in progress Saturday morning: s). 2001 © WeeFa.com Web Host Linux - Association Bandapart.Net administered by a friend Alan Martins (founder of the association), on his ADSL line Nerim and myself; Personally, no more installing PHP NuKe and SIP to learn PHP ^^;)

Before 2000 ;)

1996 - BTP, Servair, PSA, Restoration ;)

1994 - CAP BMA (Wood and Associated Materials) in the Technical High School Saint-Nicolas (Paris Montparnasse).

1984 - Arrival in Aulnay-Sous-Bois in Plaine Saint-Denis (93) in the Parisian suburbs around August before the start of the school year in CE2 at college l'Espèrance (Duguesclin) :D ;)

1976 october - Arrival in Nice on the 19th in Provence Âlpes Côte d'Azur (06) in France on Earth :)

Thanks for the reading, O.Romain Jaillet-ramey alias LAB3W.ORJ - Phone: +33 616213465.